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Core Values

Our Personal Values Match Our Business Values

Honesty, Courage, Integrity, Nature, Hard Work, Curiosity, Listening, Compassion, Respect, Joy, Passion, Patience, Humility, Flow, Skill, Adaptability, Endurance, Completion: You will experience how we build friendships and loyalty between our customers, employees, sub contractors and suppliers. Our projects are more than just buildings!

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Your home will feel Great! A home that is built with intention, integrity and joy feels different than homes built only for profit and speed. Lighthouse Construction ensures the highest level of clear communication from foundation to finish. You will see how we build customer, employee, sub contractor loyalty and friendships. Our job sites feel good!

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Building can be expensive and resource intensive. Using time and materials efficiently and doing it right the first time, not only saves the client money; it also saves precious natural resources.

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Clients will get the best building practices and materials for every size project. At Lighthouse Construction, we are extremely proud of the work we do; and know that quality counts for structural integrity, aesthetic enjoyment and increasing property value

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It is critical that the job site is safe for our clients and our crew. Keeping everyone healthy is a top priority.

Meet Lighthouse

Our team consists of the best in the business.  We hire highly skilled construction employees and subcontractors who have top reputations throughout the local region. As "best practices" in construction evolve, so do we through our ongoing research and integrative approach in creating the greatest value construction for our clients.

Lighthouse Construction, Ryan Borchers

Ryan Borchers


From 5 years old I started using carpentry tools inherited from my Great Grandfather. The gift of using my hands started at a young age and has continued to evolve. My building career started in my home state of Oregon and continued in Sante Fe, New Mexico until I landed here over 20 years ago, building homes in Southwest Colorado.  When I experience families moving into their new home or newly renovated home; I feel a great sense of connection and joy.    

Lighthouse Construction, Nick Manning

Nick Manning

Operations Manager

Nick Manning was born and raised in SW Colorado, and now calls Mancos home. His professional path has been long and winding, from construction and international filmmaking, to fighting forest fires. Most recently Nick was president of an international education company based in Cambridge, MA with operations in over 22 countries helping young adults find themselves and explore the greater world. Nick returned to SW Colorado to raise a family and started Sage Properties because of his love for SW Colorado’s land and its people.


Locally Trusted Partners

Lighthouse Construction, Durango Marble, Partners
Lighthouse Construction, Element Window & Door, Partners
Lighthouse Construction, Splendid Kitchen , Partners

We pride ourselves in working with the best businesses in the 4-corners. Here are just a few of them. We utilize our best resources when it comes to building your house. Thanks to all the wonderful people we work with.


•  Member of the Town Board of Trustees for Mancos


•  20+ years of living & volunteering in Montezuma &

    La Plata County communities

•  Proud donors of: Mancos United, 24 hours of Mesa Verde, 
    Burrofest, and directly to local citizens in need.


Interview With Epic Magazine

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With over 20 years of experience, a dedication to service, and a deep commitment to building high quality custom houses; we are here to help you create your dream home. Let us show you our unique, professional approach to construction on your next project.

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